Manu Vives and Julien Seurin, after won the FIP Rise Australian Open, will be the big favorites of the FIP Promotion in Melbourne.

After winning the FIP Rise in Sydney without losing a single set, the French want to try to win the double in Australia.

Once again, their biggest rivals will be the Spaniards Guimet and Maniucov. Beaten 6/4 6/4 in the final by the French duo, the 2nd seed will want to take their revenge in Melbourne.

Note that three other French people will be present: the pairs Chauve / Castello and Barbe / Courbard, the Franco-Spanish pair Morance / Galvez and the Franco-Australian pair Demaria / Le Goff.

For girls, on the other hand, no French woman made the trip. The favorites will still be Garcia and Guerra, crowned in Sydney.

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