We remember the controversial incident which involved Alex Ruiz during his quarter-final of the Brussels Open WPT: on a match point for the Sanyo / Momo pair, the Andalusian had lost his watch and obtained a replay of a point which was lost.

Indeed, even though the point was certainly lost for the Ruiz/Tello pair, the Spaniard had forced the referee to apply the let rule as described in the FIP rules, similar to that of the FFT on this point :

Faced with the controversy, Ruiz then went excuse on social networks. But if that day, the settlement was in his favor, he would do better to avoid any recurrence if he does not want this same settlement to turn against him.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

This is the morality of the misadventure that happened to the French tennis player this week Hugo gaston. During the ATP tournament in Madrid, the 108th player in the world was fined 144 euros for unsportsmanlike conduct: in this case, he dropped a ball from his pocket during a point he was going to lose. The referee was forced to replay the point, under the same rules as those enjoyed by Alex Ruiz.

26 WPT wins

But Hugo Gaston, who was involved for the fourth time in such an incident deemed voluntary, was very heavily sanctioned. This fine of €144, greater than his earnings in 000, may however be reduced to €2023 if he does not commit a new offense for a year.

For a player of padel, a fine of €144 would be equivalent to 000 wins in a WPT Big category tournament. Enough to encourage you to better attach your watch, isn't it Mr Ruiz?

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