There are no more French people on the A1 Padel France Grand Master. Indeed, the only French representatives lost this morning in the first round.

From previas, Manu Vives and Jérôme Inzerillo arrived with full confidence in the round of 1 of the AXNUMX Padel France Grand Master. The French hoped to be able to make a move against Pedro Perry and Vasco Pascoal.

But unfortunately for them, the Portuguese were too strong this Monday. After a balanced start to the match, which saw both teams keep their commitment until 3/2, Perry and Pascoal shifted gears, winning nine of the following ten games!

In the end, they won 6/3 6/0 and qualified for the next round, where they will meet the winners of the match between seed 4 Agustín Torre / Diego Ramos and Tomás Cheda and Alfonso Sánchez.

The French, for their part, can still rejoice in having certainly won THE point of the game, to see HERE !

To follow the rest of the matches at Beausoleil this Monday, it's just below:

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