While the sixteenth final had seen the top seeds do the job in Chile, the eighth has barely started when the number 6 pair has already packed their bags.

It's over for Fede Chiostri and Maxi Sanchez in Chile. Indeed, the Argentines were subjected to the law of two accustomed to these surprises: Alejandro Urzola and Oscar Guiral. The outsiders win at the end of the suspense at the end of a particularly hot match: 6/7 6/4 7/6.

The other eighth already contested was also the scene of a big fight, the Britos / Melgratti pair having dominated Aimar Goñi and Alvaro Sola 4/6 6/3 6/4.

The rest of the eighth this Thursday:

The updated table:

To follow the matches go to the A1's YouTube channel Padel.

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