The last tournament of the A1 season Padel before the Master Final will take place from December 4 to 10 in France, in Beausoleil.

And for this tournament, the main challenge of which will be the race for the Master Final between players around 16th place, many pairs have registered.

In fact, no less than 184 duos coming from more or less the four corners of the globe have validated their registration for the competition.

Quite new, there are many Africans among the registered players, notably Senegalese and Ivorians who will try to find a place in the table via the qualifications which take place in Africa. Such a number of players represents very good news for the expansion of our sport.

The tournament taking place in France, we note that the French presence is also important. The best chance of a French result undoubtedly comes from the pair Manu Vives / Jérôme Inzerillo. The two players that we usually see on the FIP Tour will try to create a coup on the Fabrice Pastor circuit!

Find the list of registrants here.

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