There will be a final Arce/Dal Bianco and De Pascual/Alfonso at the A1 SIMSA Puebla Open with a great show in store.

Arce/Dal Bianco in demonstration

The first final had looks of revenge for Arce/Dal Bianco, facing old friends Aguirre/Allemandi. The number ones on the circuit had been dryly beaten by Tito and Tolito in the final in New York. Lesson learned for the best pair on the circuit who, after losing the first game of the match, inflicted a 7/0 on Aguirre/Allemandi.

Finally, in the second set, when we thought their backs were against the wall, Tito and Tolito broke first. But Arce and Dal Bianco were far too calm in their match to be surprised. They pick up the score and even take the break at the best of times to win 7/5 in the second round.

They will play their 11th season finale.

The lucidity of Pascual/Alfonso

As for the other final, two sets will also have been enough to Juani De Pascual and Gonza Alfonso. They came to the end of Diego Ramos and Agustin Torre, 6/3 6/4 to get their ticket to the final.

Where they were the most surprising, the number two on the circuit, was during the important moments. They knew how to manage the crucial points to overcome very good Diego Ramos and Agustin Torre.

The two teams will seek the coronation, from 11 a.m. (17 p.m. Paris time), during the last Open on the A1 circuit.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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