In a week the Premier Padel GNP Mexico P1, third tournament of the season and last for the Lebron / Galan pair.

The Spaniards, who decided to join forces in 2020, will close a stage which lasted a little more than four seasons. As you certainly know, three of them saw Ale and Juan finish at the top of the rankings World Padel Tour, and after a complicated start to the year in 2023, the players now coached by Jorge Martinez had become more competitive than ever, as evidenced by their coronation during the Premier Padel Riyadh P1.

But after the incident in Qatar, Ale Galan decided to make a very strong decision and part ways with the player with whom he won everything. In fact, it is with Fede Chingotto that the Madrilenian decided to continue his career.

But before seeing the debut of the Galan / Chingotto duo in Venezuela at the end of the month, we will first witness the last of Ale and Juan on the same side of the track. Note that Fede and Momo Gonzalez, who originally wanted to create a long-term project, will also play their last competition together in Mexico.

In Acapulco, all eyes will certainly be on Lebron and Galan, who will want to have a nice last dance. Will they be able to do like Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno, who after announcing their separation had evolved at an exceptional level in Santander? Start of response next week!

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