Alain Henry, David Mateo and Franck Binisti from DNA Padel Event review the organization of the first edition of the FIP Rise of Canet-en-Roussillon.

Christelle Matéo was missing, to have the 4 musketeers of this event in the interview. But a focus is planned on the “boss of the team ”.

David Mateo: “We have only good feedback. This is the reward. The four of us worked a lot, we're enjoying it! ”

Franck Binisti: “It's not just competition, that's what is appreciated. There is a lot of time spent discovering this sport, playing games with the public. Finally, it works. ”

Alain Henry: “Show the competition part and the discovery, leisure part of this sport. We are in Canet Plage, it is a tourist town, we have people from the North, from Paris, who do not necessarily know the padel. And what's great is that once they've seen a game, you see them come back the next day. ”

David Mateo: “We can say it, it's signed, we will be there next year, and we will try to do even better!”

Alain Henry: “We thank all the volunteers who are behind, we have an incredible team, there is a real community padel, that's why we love this sport! ”

To find the interview in its entirety, it happens just below:

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