A bit like Pat Rafter, former professional tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska recently made her debut on the FIP Tour. The Polish woman talks about this experience during an interview with FIP.

A dynamic and fun sport

“I had started playing (at padel) before the start of the pandemic. A year and a half ago, I started again, also thanks to Marta (Domachowska). I find it a dynamic and fun sport, I play whenever I can, even twice a week!”

Le padel, an easy sport?

"It's very difficult ! In terms of ball touch, having played tennis helps, volleys are not a problem. The problem is playing with the windows, and then I would like to hit hard every time but I can't. THE padel is a sport that never allows you to relax during the point.”

“I play without pressure and without expectations. With Marta we were in Alicante to play a great tournament, where we won a match, and we also had the opportunity to enjoy Spain. I also like being able to watch the Spanish players: it's great to see them and learn from those who are the masters of the game. padel. "

When is the next tournament?

“I would still like to play on the FIP Tour, because the padel is a sport that I love and which is growing all over the world. If my schedule allows, I will be back on the slopes soon!”

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