Our El4Set colleagues share an interesting analysis on the winning shots and unforced errors of professional players in 2023.

We notice thatAle Galan is the player who has made the most winning shots in 2023, ahead of Arturo Coello. But Arturo is ranked number 8 among the players who make the fewest mistakes, while the Madrilenian is in 15th position. Even if we don't have the statistics in detail, we imagine that Arturo therefore has a better ratio than his compatriot... On the other hand, Ale can boast of having already achieved the craziest move of the start of this season. year !

At the top of the players who make the fewest mistakes, we find, without any real surprise, a player who was once anticipated alongside Galan: Martin Di Nenno, who establishes himself as a real metronome on the track. The Argentinian, not necessarily known for his powerful smashes or his offensive game, is still part of the Top 15 players who make the most winning shots!

The player with the most balanced profile is certainly Paquito Navarro, who is in fifth place in both categories!

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