Asked in COPE Partidazo, Ale Galan returned to the reasons which pushed him to separate from Juan LeBron a few days ago.

Firstly, the Madrilenian extinguished the doubts of those who thought that after the incidents in Qatar the two men were not going to show up in Acapulco. Those who form pair number 1 will be there in Mexico, and with intentions!

“We are professionals and we will try to say goodbye in the best way, I hope it will be with a victory. We just won in Riyadh, and I think after overcoming the injury we improved a lot on court, so I think we can finish in a good way.”

Then, he explains, as we strongly suspected, that the decision is not due to the performance of his now ex-teammate on the field. Indeed, the Galan / Lebron pair is undoubtedly one of the best in the world, but the moods of the native of Cádiz visibly got the better of the patience of the Madrilenian who therefore made a difficult decision but obviously necessary for him: "I think he didn't expect it and neither of us are happy to be in this situation when the season has just started. (...) This is not a sporting decision. Players separate sometimes, it’s a common thing.”

Nevertheless, even if we understand that with these words he wants to quickly move on to something else, Ale still remains marked by his long stage with Lebron: “Even though I immediately felt good with Chingotto, it felt strange to have another partner nearby because I am used to training and playing systematically with Juan”. Despite this, he already seems very happy Of his choice : “The feelings are very good, he's the first person I called and I think we'll get along very well.”

We will see this in Venezuela during the official debut of this pair. But before that, there remains one last tournament for Juan and Ale to try to finish in the most beautiful way this collaboration which will have been one of the most fruitful in history!

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