Alix Collombon will play Interclubs N1 2023, marking the end of the season for the French number 1. After an eventful season, the Lyonnaise shares her assessment of the year.

Between changes of partners, new title of French champion with Léa Godallier and reflections on her professional future, Alix confides with sincerity.

A mixed record internationally

“It’s a fairly mixed assessment. The year did not live up to my expectations. I've had four different partners, compared to only three in the last five years. Each new association required adaptations and starting over.”

“This year has been particularly challenging and I hope it will have given me experience for years to come. Although getting along with my partner is essential, I also have to ensure that my own level of play remains high.”

“That said, despite a season below my expectations, I reached three quarter-finals. At the start of the season, with Carla Mesa, we beat Martita and Bea Gonzalez, then the third pair in the world. I also reached two quarter-finals in Grand Chelem, in Rome and in Roland. These results somehow save my season.”

“I would have liked to do better, but the season was not catastrophic. I hope to have gained experience on adapting to different partners for next year.”

The best moments of 2023

“Roland Garros is without a doubt one of the best times of the year, if not the best. Playing on the Chatrier was exceptional, with incredible support from the crowd. It was a dream tournament for me, as for many French people.”

“I don’t forget the Human either Padel Toulouse Open. It was a World Padel Tour in France, in a city passionate about padel. Although we were eliminated in the round of XNUMX by the Alayeto twins, it remains a beautiful memory.”

alix collombon lorena rufo 8th

"And I don't forget the Human too Padel From toulouse. It remains a World Padel Tour, in France, in a town of Toulouse which stinks of padel. The public is always very enthusiastic, I had a lot of people behind me. We lost in the eighth against the twins [Alayeto], who were stronger than us that day. But it's a beautiful memory too."

The downsides of the season

“The main challenge was having four different partners. It involved a lot of adaptation and made me realize that there is no perfect partner. Creating a good relationship, both on and off the field, was complex. All these changes were hard for me to deal with. It was something new and I am still new to this game of partners.”

Still teaming up with Lorena Rufo in 2024?

“Lorena is a superb 21-year-old player. Sometimes a little irregular in the matches. But on the other hand, when she plays well, she plays incredibly well. I really like playing with her. I find that we have two quite complementary games. And if we manage to improve on concentration, consistency and playing well, together, that will do it.”

“Because it often happened to us that when I played well, she played less well. And conversely, when I play less well, she starts playing well. At the end of the season, we struggled to play well together. But if we manage to find this balance, we will have enormous room for improvement.”

“Right now, we're still playing together in 2024. But if I've learned anything this year, it's that in the padel, it goes very quickly. So, I can't say 100% that we will play together next season. In any case, that’s what I want and I think that’s what she wants too.”

A very positive outcome, at the national level

“The Interclubs are the last tournament of the year, with the All In Padel 69. We will try to get the title, that’s our goal. Plus, I'm with a team that I love with a lot of people from Lyon and I'm from Lyon of course. I feel good in this team.”

“It’s a great goal for me too, to go for the double after the title of French champion in pairs with Léa Godallier. It would be great to win the team matches. And then it's a well-deserved vacation. I need sun and rest.”

collombon godallier france 2023

“It’s a very good record at the national level. These are two P2000 won with Léa out of two played. Plus the French championships. Unfortunately, there were two P2000s in which we were unable to participate. In France, what I played, I managed to win. So it’s a positive year in France.”

Goodbye 2023, hello 2024

“We are leaving 2023 behind and aiming for 2024 to get closer to the Top 20 again, or even the Top 16. My goal this year was the Master Final at the end of the year. I will not give up, this will remain my goal every year until I reach it. Or not. In any case, I would give anything to get there. Playing the Master Final would be a dream for me.”

“Before that, we will take things back little by little and try to find a little regularity and stability. To summarize, 2024 objectives, the same as 2023.”

Gwenaelle Souyri

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