Alizé Conet can no longer hide it, she is already a veteran in the padel, with his incredible adventure during the National Padel Cup 2015. If the tennis champion remains as invested in “her sport”, she does not hide her ever greater involvement in the padel.

A growing future padel

I think my future will be more and more padel. Even if I'm 100% mentally in my tennis, you can see that the padel takes an increasingly important place in my life, in France as elsewhere.

Let's say that I'm starting to have a few games on the clock and I see myself progressing in this sport. Tennis helps a lot, but I'm also lucky to have a great coach by my side (note: Michael Kuzaj)! Don't forget that (laughs).

Afterwards, as in everything, you have to play and play again. And you can't say that I'm still at the "very involved" stage. As I said, the padel is a sport that relaxes me, makes me feel good and where I have fun. Tennis is obviously the priority.

Now, it is true that I am involved a little more in the padel. This club of which my brother is the President (Sébastien Cornet) with Esprit Padel, the events that multiply, we can see that the padel is gradually taking on a new look, even if I think that we are still only at the beginning of the adventure and that we must remain modest on all fronts.

Mixed pairs in official tournaments: Top!

Historically, I come here for the National Padel Cup because there is always a very good atmosphere and my schedule allowed it.

I find that this new regulation to authorize mixed pairs on official men's events is a very good idea. We arrived 3rd in Vignal and we had some very good matches.

It's true that it brings back great memories with this test of padel where I was already playing with Mika (Michael Kuzaj). It was at the International Club of Cap d'Agde. They were precursors, I remember very well, with a very nice set. But, it was a 100% mixed event if I remember correctly (absolutely), whereas here, it's about inviting mixed pairs in men's events. I think this evolution is very interesting for those who want more.

Place du Capitole was also a great experience.

In my top 2 or 3 tournaments padel, there is necessarily the tournament which was played on this magical place, the Place du Capitole in Toulouse. We were able to play international pairs, and there too, we managed to beat players who are among the best in their country.

Mixed events have very good days ahead of them. I think it fits perfectly with the mentality of the padel and these are always great events.

If I have the level, the France team of padel...

I felt you coming with your questions (laughs). First, it depends on the coach and the level of the girls.

But to answer you, I may be surprised, yes, necessarily when you see results, passion, the atmosphere that reigns there, the progress of this sport, your entourage who plays and motivates you, it's impossible to say, try one day the France team, I do not want it.

I like competition and for the moment, the stars seem to be telling me to continue in this adventure of padel. So far, it's worked out pretty well for me.

However, I want to remain very cautious in my remarks, because I say it while telling myself that it is not yet the time. I don't want to scatter either. The goal remains tennis.

But, one day, to say to yourself, come on, I'm trying the adventure for fun, for passion and because above all, I have a level that may be able to allow access to a French team of padel, I find it very motivating and appreciable.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.