Present during the Cupra Final Masters Padel-Point Tour, Andres Britos, 16th player in the A1 ranking Padel went to Mélissa Martin’s microphone. Excerpts.

The WPT: difficult for players who do not enter the final tables

"On the World Padel Tour I was on previas, preprevias, it was very difficult financially, that's why I preferred to make this change and move to the A1 Padel, where I feel very good. The objective for this year is to play the Master Final and for next season to be part of the first 4 pairs.”

A merger between Premier Padel and A1?

“At the moment I think we are going to have the Premier Padel on one side, and the A1 Padel on the other.(…) The two circuits work for the padel, this is the most important thing, that our sport evolves.”

“A unified ranking is necessary but I think it will be very difficult to reach an agreement.”

His non-selection with Italy in Dubai

“I spent five years with the Italian team. It hurt me a lot not to be present in Dubai because these are moments that I greatly appreciate. Even though I am Argentinian, I have a lot of affection for Italy from my grandmother and I defended its colors as if I had been born there. It's a decision of the coach or the president whatever, it was significant because I had just changed circuits... I just hope that in the future, if I continue at this level, that they can select me again. ”

To watch the interview in full:

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