Still within the framework of this Cupra Padel-Point Tour (House Padel), we interviewed Antoine Benneteau, 300th French player in the standings.

A “pleasure” for amateur players!

Padel Magazine : We know that you are coming out of a big tournament, and in the end a defeat in the quarters. How do you see your tournament?

Antoine Benneteau : “A defeat in the quarter-finals, at our level. We lost against stronger players, so frankly nothing to say, we were already happy to qualify. 3 great victories yesterday, this morning a little tired, a little old. But no, it was too cool, we had a blast. »

Padel Magazine : Can you tell us about this first stage, we see a lot of animations, original things. What did you like about this event?

Antoine Benneteau : "What I love is that we feel tournament after tournament, month after month, that the padel grows. I think it's getting better and better organised, everyone is super nice and there are more and more sponsors. So frankly it's nice to be part of this kind of events. And we amateur players, we take the game well and we really liked it. »

“Normal that the padel take his place on the air”

Padel Magazine : You are a commentator on Amazon Prime, we could see that the padel was going to "nibble space" at Roland-Garros Tennis, with the installation of a padel. How are you going to approach this terrain of padel at Roland Garros?

Antoine Benneteau : “I had already tested it last year, it was a real pleasure. It is very important that there is this mix of cultures, because the padel has its own culture but with the cousin sport that is tennis, it is normal that this kind of event occurs. It is very good that the padel arrives at RG, there is the big tournament which will take place in July. Frankly, we knew that the FFT wanted to put the impetus on the padel, and now after a year there is a big tournament being prepared at Roland-Garros. And then I find that the land of padel in the atmosphere of RG. »

Padel Magazine : Have you ever had feedback from those who listen to you on Amazon? Has Amazon been able to say to you, “I wish you would talk more about padel" for example ?

Antoine Benneteau : "I'm not in the small papers, in the decisions that Amazon makes on broadcasting matters. But on the other hand, I believe that with the other broadcasters (Canal + has positioned itself on it), that's going to be Bein Sports, it's good and normal that the padel gradually takes its place on the air. It has to be democratized, we have to understand this sport better. I don't know about Amazon Prime, but on the other hand I hear people around me playing padel for the first time and who want to progress. There is really this enthusiasm for the padel, I think it's not running out of steam, it's growing! »

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Nasser Hoverini

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