APT Padel Tour Canarias Open offers us its two semi-finals from 19 p.m. (20 p.m. in France) at the Activate club with 2 big matches:

  • 19 p.m.: Franco Dal Bianco / Maximiliano Arce vs Leonel Aguirre / Adrian Allemandi

Perhaps the final before the hour, we invite you not to miss this match under any circumstances! We will then continue with a clash of batters:

  • 20:30 p.m.: Julio Julianoti / Yain Melgratti vs. Eduardo A. Torre / Diego Ramos

To follow these two enticing matches, it happens just below:

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.