Maximiliano Arce and Franco Dal Bianco win the Master Final of theAPT Padel Tour by beating Tolito Aguirre and Tito Allemandi in a match that will remain in the memory of the many spectators of Guadalajara.

A booming start

What a meeting! It was the long-awaited duel between the APT's two best pairings of the season Padel Tour, and the shock did not disappoint!

As usual, Maxi Arce and Franco Dal Bianco enter the match like two gladiators. We know their professionalism which allows them to play all the points with the same intensity. Tito and Tolito are on fire and manage to take the first round in a historic tie-break.

A perfect season

What comes next is a show of strength in consistency. The #1s stay at maximum intensity, a level that Tito and Tolito are unable to sustain. The second set fuses.

For the third set, we could expect a strong battle, but the scenario was exactly the same as in the second set: Dal Bianco and Arce were too strong tonight.

The Argentinians come to put the icing on the cake of a perfect season.

"We will have new challenges, we can still progress a lot,”explained the two champions at a press conference.

Leonel Aguirre / Adrian Allemandi 7/6 1/6 1/6 Maximilian Maple / Franco Da Bianco

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