The Women's Final Master of theAPT Padel Tour knows his four title contenders. Daniela Banchero / Paola Armesto and Marta Borrero / Patricia Martinez will face off tomorrow for the ultimate title.

Banchero / Armesto in apotheosis

Daniela Banchero and Paola Armesto are on another planet this week. The Argentines chained a 4th victory in 4 days, and landed in the final of the Master Final.

Dani and Pao will have no doubts at any time this Saturday. Against the pair Margarita Fernandes / Manuela Schuck, the Argentines were not necessarily favorites, but their experience played in their favor.

Irreproachable this week, Daniela Banchero dictated her game, while Paola Armesto accompanied her to perfection in her role as metronome.

Daniela Banchero / Paola Armesto 6 / 2 6 / 3 Manuela Schuck / Margarida Fernandes

Borrero and Martinez, queens of the APT

In the first set, Sara Ruiz and Alicia Blanco manage to get the upper hand over the very young Spaniards who seem to get annoyed easily. Lack of experience plays tricks on players born after 2000.

But the warrior mentality of Seville and Mallorca allows them to come back stronger in the second. They dominate and get back into the game.

The third set was a huge battle, and it was the talent of Marta Borrero and Patricia Martinez that paid off.

Marta Borrero / Patricia Martinez Fortun vs Sara Ruiz Soto / Alicia White Red

Tomorrow's grand final will be played at 16 p.m.

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