A big day of padel awaits us near Asuncion, with the round of XNUMX of the Paraguay Masters of the APT Padel Take the Tour !

Six of the eight round of XNUMX taking place today at the APT Master Paraguay will be broadcast on the APT YouTube channel Padel Tower ! Very beautiful meetings in perspective, which start as soon as 09:00 a.m. local time (15:00 p.m. French time).

- 4 first seeds come into play, there should therefore be some very nice meetings on the side of the Paraguayan capital.

Julio Julianoti apt padel backhand volley turn

Here the APT's YouTube channel Live program :

  •  09h00: Almada / Argañaras (6) vs Bejarano / Torre
  • to be continued : Chiostri / Alfonso (5) vs Icardo / Scatena 
  • to follow: Melgratti / Soliverez (4) vs Adorno / Fernandez
  • to follow: Barrera / Egea (3) vs Lasaigues / Reiter
  • to follow: Aguirre / Ozan (2) vs Abud / Gonzalez
  • to follow: Julianoti / Flores (1) vs Faccin / Luiz de Souza

The other two rounds: Miltos / Flores (7) vs Sanchez / Cejas, and Arce / Dal Bianco vs Briner / Nanni, will not be broadcast.

For those who would like to see the summaries of yesterday's meetings, it's here!


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