Two tournaments padel professional ended yesterday: the APT Padel Sevilla Master Tour and the World Padel Tour Danish Open. And the least we can say is that the favorites have been roughed up throughout last week!

Surprises at all levels

The seeded players have suffered enormously whether in Seville or Copenhagen. At the WPT Danish Open, seeds 1 and 2 were absent from the men's semi-finals, which is extremely rare! And for the ladies, for the first time this season, Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay were not in the final! Present in the final at the first four tournaments of the year, the numbers 2 Paula Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez did not reach the last four for the second time in a row.

At the APT, the two pairs that were in the women's final were not seeded, and two duos from the qualifications found themselves in the semi-finals! Among the men, the seeded 1, Arce / Dal Bianco, has certainly kept his rank, but she is the only one! Indeed, the 3 other pairs who accompanied the Argentinians in the last four were not even seeded. Same thing in the quarter where only two of the eight best ranked pairs on the circuit were present.

Several reasons to explain these results

As you will have understood, the favorites suffered enormously last week. Why ? As far as the APT is concerned, we can of course think of the very hot weather which favored the big hitters in Seville and which certainly disrupted several pairs. But this argument is not too valid for Copenhagen where the temperatures were quite usual. Due to the very busy schedule, we can say that the pairs that have played the most since the start of the season are suffering a little less well. Or we can simply think that the level is tightening with ever more competitive players and ever fiercer competition!

Will the favorites suffer so much this week at the Italy Major Premier Padel ? Start of response in two days with the entry into the running of the top seeds!

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