Asked about the separation of Ale Galan and Juan Lebron, Arturo Coello explained in substance that it was not necessarily good for the padel.

The 2024 season started with a “big 3” and even for most fans a “big 2”: the pairs Arturo Coello / Agustin Tapia and Juan Lebron / Ale Galan. In fact, during one of our surveys, less than 10% of you saw the Superpibes, who completed the pairs podium at the start of the season, finishing the year on top.

Except that as you know, following the incidents in Qatar, Galan decided to leave his teammate and bet on Fede Chingotto. Lebron, as of this writing, still does not have a new project..

For Arturo Coello, the fact that the duo with whom he and Tapia seemed to be fighting all year no longer exists is not really a good thing: “For my part, and I know this may seem like demagogy (…), but I am quite disappointed that Lebron and Galan are separating. Together, they represent a daily challenge to try to do better than this pair who marked their era and wrote the history of our sport. It saddens me a lot that they are separating, they will obviously form very strong pairs with their new partners, but together they represent a real challenge.

It's certain that in the fight for first place, it's rather a good thing for us, but if we remember Nadal, Djokovic and Federer, it's because all three of them were playing at the same time. If there had been only one at this level, perhaps the story would have been less beautiful.”

You have understood, with this separation, Coello and Tapia certainly have more chances of finishing the year in first place, but Arturo says to himself in a way “to win without danger, we triumph without glory”. Do you think that without the Lebron / Galan duo we will see total domination by Arturo and Agustin?

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