After movement during the bandeja and lob, the team of Padel Stuff focuses on another theme: attack volleys.

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you can never put enough force into your volleys and that they are not as decisive as they should be? Do you notice that after your attack volleys, your opponents often have balls allowing them to send you back to the bottom? Rest assured, you are not the only ones who feel somewhat helpless in these situations.

In this video you will see that Paul Daulan, young coach who left for Bilbao to improve his padel in the academy Padel Stuff, has the same problem. Often too glued to the net, making movements that are too big, and not choosing the right areas, he gives too many lob opportunities to his opponents.

His coach, the former professional player Andoni Bardasco, will show him that it is not a problem of strength, on the contrary. You will notice that with suitable placement and a coherent game plan, it is entirely possible for an amateur to achieve good volleys which will undermine the defenders:

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