After direct play, lob, attack volleys la bandeja and service, “At the heart of padel” returns to address another very interesting subject: balls that are very difficult to defend.

If you play padel for a while now and you are used to facing players who are a little stronger or simply gifted in attack, you sometimes have the feeling that certain balls are impossible to defend. Yet when you see the best in our sport at work, you notice that they are capable of returning even the most difficult balls. If these players obviously have a talent that amateur players will never have, they also have access to some tips allowing them to be much more effective.

So who better than former professional player Andoni Bardasco to teach you them? With his student Paul Daulan, the coach of Padel Stuff in Bilbao will put into practice some techniques which will immediately allow the Palois to feel more comfortable in defense.

To find out more, all you have to do is watch the video below!

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