New Friday and new episode of the series At the heart of padel which retraces the journey of Palois Paul Daulan in the academy Padel Stuff from Bilbao. This time, it's a move that arouses a lot of interest among players of padel which is approached: the famous “Par 3”!

This smash, which allows the ball to leave the field above the three-meter grid after impact on the back glass, is a great classic of our sport. A majestic gesture that all amateurs dream of mastering.

And very often, when we believe we are doing the right thing, we try to hit as hard as possible, thinking that this is what will allow the ball to come out of the structure. But as you will see in the video below, the “Par 3” is ultimately not very different from the other shots of the padel in its approach: it requires positioning yourself correctly to hit the ball in front of you, transferring your body weight well, using the right technique, etc.

On paper it seems rather simple, but on the ground, it's another story... So don't miss the tips exclusives from former professional player Andoni Bardasco to take your “Par 3” to the next level!

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