Not long ago, we informed you of the rumor announcing a association between Fernando Belasteguin and Lucho Capra in 2024.

If there is nothing official yet, it seems likely that the two Argentinians will start 2024 together.

First, Capra and Sanchez made their split official. It is therefore certain, Lucho will have a new partner in 2024.

Then, Bela, in an interview for our colleagues from Twenty Ten, said he had “already found a partner for next season”. Although he did not reveal the identity of the player in question, the “Boss” still gave a big clue: “the latter is left-handed”. Like a certain Lucho Capra… Obviously, it could just as easily be Alex Ruiz or Jon Sanz, but given the latest statements from both, Capra clearly seems to be the hottest lead!

A little more patience, normally the announcement should be made after the Master Final!

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