Rumors are rife at the end of the season. As players begin to prepare for 2024, we hear announcements of new associations everywhere.

After Sanyo / Paquito, many Internet users imagine Fernando Belasteguin and Lucho Capra together in 2024. For the moment obviously, nothing official, and we will normally have to wait until the end of the season to find out more. At the time of writing, Bela is playing with Miguel Yanguas, and Capra is still Maxi Sanchez's teammate.

But for next year, a duo between the two Argentinians could make sense. First, Bela suffered health problems late in the season, and if he remains an incredible competitor, he is no longer able to play the leading roles. After having benefited from all the experience of the “Boss”, will Yanguas not want to bet on a younger and decisive player?

If this is what the young Andalusian decides, then Capra would seem to be a good choice for Fernando, who had his best days alongside left-handers, he who is a left-wing player with a rather defensive and hardworking profile. As he has done throughout his career, this outstanding competitor could allow Lucho to play in a chair and be able to take the center when finishing, he who is more dangerous than Bela in the smash.

We don't yet know if the two men will really team up in 2024, but on paper, they could form a very complementary pair!

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