The first edition of the Monte Carlo Padel Master returns to the pair Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguin. She won against Paquito Navarro and Matias Diaz on the score of 6 / 3 6 / 1.

"They leave only crumbs"

Numbers worldwide have not done in detail this week by offering no chance to Paquito Navarro and Matis Diaz beaten 6 / 3 6 / 1.

However, from the beginning of the match Paquito and Matias put pressure on Bela and Lima to the point of breaking and leading 3 / 0.

It is then that the machine is stranded on the side of Matias and that Bela makes us Bela.

While the public expected not a surprise but at least a huge match between these two pairs, the machine Lima / Bela goes on the offensive by winning a game that may be the turning point of the game: the 4e jeu.

Disputed, with points of great classes, but here, the world numbers have emphasized the efficiency while Paquito that of the artistic with shots that are not necessarily in the padel manual ...

Relentless balance: 9 consecutive games lost by the Matias / Paquito pair.

Paquito is doing the job / Matias is losing the thread

Paquito continues to do the job, it's Matias, yet a very solid player who loses the thread of the game, he who had been all the week irreproachable. He makes mistakes, mistakes, or takes some things backwards.

The world numbers did not ask so much, especially at the same time, they support where it hurts playing mainly on Matias. Diaz clearly loses his diagonal against Lima. And Paquito, elected player of the match, can only see the damage.

A public that grows and hope is reborn

The public wanted more. He pushed the outsiders to rebel.

At 4 / 2 in the second set for Bela and Lima, we thought of a possible turnaround.

But in front, it's too solid. No failure, or so little, if we count the tiny devolution of Lima in the middle of the second set.

Bela and Lima lift the magnificent Monte Carlo Padel Master trophy.

Review of the first edition of the Monte-Carlo Padel Master

This first edition is a huge success.

The organization: In the opinion of a majority of players and the public, "The organization was perfect ". For Juan Martin Diaz, the current world number 2 " it is the most beautiful padel tournament ».

Evolution : Starting next year, it will be necessary to count on women. Fabrice Pastor has confirmed this: " This year there was no time, but next year there will be a men's and a women's event as in all Masters »

The viewers : Nito Brea, the former padel professional and tournament director explains that he is " delighted with the return of the spectators. In the final, we were more than 600 ". The beginning of the tournament was less full « but like all padel and even tennis tournaments ". Next year, the organization is already preparing some novelties, but first a little rest because in recent months, work has been very important »

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