Fernando Belasteguin's season is not over! The Argentinian assures him Padel Magazine : he will be present for the Premier Padel Milano P1 scheduled for December 4 to 10.

As the 44-year-old prepares to experience his first season without a Master Final, rumors concerning an end to a blank season or worse, an early retirement have flourished on the internet. You were also 70% to think that the Argentinian would not return to Milan during our last Instagram poll…

But you underestimated a little the recovery capacity and the legend of the native of Pehuajo. Bela assured us that he would be present in Italy. “The Boss” therefore honors what is written on the strap of his Wilson Bela Pro V2 or even on his shoes : “A Belasteguin never surrenders. Despite his age, Fernando is once again able to overcome this elbow injury which had already kept him out of the field in 2018. Proof once again of his incredible mentality, and very good news for fans of the Belasteguin / pair Yanguas!

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