Fernando Belasteguin qualified for the second round of theOredoo Qatar Major 2022. On this occasion, Bela wanted to send a strong message to all players in the padel.

“Beyond the game, I think it's a special tournament for everyone. We are starting a new stage of padel professional. Today, I am lucky to have won and to have the microphone: I want to send a message.

watch the ball fernando belasteguin qatar

“Let those who love sport, let those who love padel join us. I think the padel, despite all the quarrels that there have been in recent years, has not stopped growing. I can't imagine what could happen if all the actors went in the same direction.”

"I ask those who really love this sport to join the PPA and the FIP, that we all go in the same direction for the good of the sport."

These words make us think about what Bela had said on the microphone of Padel Magazine, more than a year ago.

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