Continuation of the interview with Benjamin Tison, where he talks about his style of play, his relationship with his coaches, the fallout from the takeover of the WPT by Premier Padel, and responds to the comments of some Internet users on the mixed results of the French at the Greenweez Paris Major and the investment of the FFT in the padel.

“My game respects the mechanical principles”

“Raul Marcos, I beat him 3 weeks ago, and I told him that we were the two least aesthetic players on the circuit. It didn't amuse him at all. I even think he surpasses me in smashing. (laughs)

More seriously, the important thing for me is to be efficient and keep the ball in play. As long as that's the case, the style doesn't matter. Pablo Ayma and Juan Alday never wanted to change my game, because it is efficient and respects mechanical principles. Coaches don’t care about aesthetics.”

brand Paris Premier Padel 2023
Paris Premier Padel 2023

What will change on the World Padel Tour in 2023.

“We knew that as long as Premier Padel and World Padel Tour would not find an agreement, the WPT stages would not count. But now that the WPT has been taken over by Premier Padel/QSI is different. From now on, the three best results of the WPT will be taken into account in the FIP ranking/Premier Padel. Although the circuit Premier Padel is not yet profitable, the padel is booming, and they will be banking on the future. What is unfortunate for me is that my best two years took place at the crossroads between the WPT and Premier Padel. But that's life."

An A1 reconciliationPadel / Premier Padel possible ?

“Regarding A1Padel, everything is possible on free dates. However, if a tournament Premier Padel takes place at the same time, no player from this circuit will go to A1 Padel, which is nevertheless a formidable circuit with memorable dates, like that of New York. I think it's an excellent thing for the padel. However, I do not believe that A1 Padel can compete Premier Padel on the same dates. I hope for a rapprochement between Premier Padel and A1Padel, but there is too much politics involved. Politics has no place in sport. But that's the reality.”

Ben Tison Paris Premier Padel 2023
Paris Premier Padel 2023

In the face of criticism

Some Internet users have criticized the notable absence of French people in the main draw. I would like to thank the FFT for this incredible event. Despite the tensions with private clubs, it must be understood that the funds of the FFT come from tennis. We are not the worst off internationally. I'm in the world top 60 even though I've been playing for 7 years, but that has nothing to do with the FFT. The same goes for the defeats of the French in the first round. I would also like to congratulate Arnaud Di Pasquale, despite certain criticisms. The event he organizes is exceptional. We expect 8 people / day this weekend, or even more, because the FFT will offer additional places given the success of the event.

As far as wild cards are concerned, among women, there is not really any controversy. As for Max Moreau, the decision can be discussed, but it is not a scandal. On the other hand, for Thomas Vanbauce and Dorian de Meyer, a mistake was made. They deserved their place. It was very hard for them. Pablo Ayma is an exceptional coach. But I wonder if it would not take an assistant for the captains in the France team. To conclude, let us remember that the padel is a young sport, and you have to maintain a certain humility.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.