The eighth step of the Betclic Remontada was played this weekend on the side of 4Padel of Strasbourg and we can say that it was full with nearly 200 participants present on the Alsatian slopes.

The pair weight record was broken in the category Old school with 120 years on the clock!

Another unusual gap for the category All, with two players who had 20 heart rate beats difference before the 1st match, shows this!

Always All, a father and son, who travel across France to do the Remontada, were already celebrating their 3rd participation after Créteil and Marville. According to them, it's the best way to play matches while having fun!

Big comeback in mixed duo with 16 teams including a pair who started on field 7, who moved up to field number 1, but who lost to the pair who did not lose a match!

No record broken on the bombshell challenge: the 15,2 meter mark still stands.

The victorious pair in Much has a wedding the weekend of May 3-5, so wedding or Remontada?

All photos from the event HERE.

Next step at 4Padel Mulhouse from April 4 to 7.

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