The tenth and final stage of the Betclic Remontada was played this weekend on the side of 4Padel from Toulouse-Colomiers. We now know the names of the players who will participate in the finals scheduled for May 3 to 5, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, at the Vedettes de Paris !

During this last stage, the record of Bombazo Challenge was threatened with marks at 15,2m and 15,6m, but the 15,8m mark still stands!

En Duo Corpo, the Assentis company put all the chances on its side to reach Paris by registering two pairs. One of the two has indeed qualified for Paris!

En Duo Todo, a pair made the Remontada by starting on field 7 and going up to field 1, but unfortunately lost during the penultimate match against the winners (a father and his son). The famous pair tried their luck again in Much on Sunday but once again lost in the final.

Still unusual differences in All (20 meters difference between the two homes, 20 conquests apart…), always more fun!

En Mixed Duo, the winning pair has won all their matches and will be very difficult to beat in Paris. Indeed, Théo is top 700 French!