THEHexagon Cup, it’s a bit of the competition that everyone is talking about at the moment on the planet padel. This tournament, which will feature six teams headed by public figures such as Rafa Nadal, Robert Lewandowski and Eva Longoria, will offer a record prize money of one million euros.

This tournament, which will bring together some of the biggest stars of our sport in Madrid at the end of the month, will be able to count on the support of Bullpadel. The Spanish equipment manufacturer, which is represented by four players on the slopes of the Madrid Arena (Di Nenno, Triay, Salazar and Navarro) could not miss this party.

Bullpadel will therefore be there via advertising screens, in the Fan Zone and in the VIP zone. Furthermore, it has been present in the city since yesterday, on the site set up to promote the event in the Plaza de Colón.

To find out everything about the Hexagon Cup, it’s just below:

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