End of a new week clap on Premier Padel in Venezuela and on the FIP in London, it is time to see the consequences in the ranking for our Top 5 French women.

No movement for Collombon and Godallier

The French number one Alix Collombon found positives in Venezuela by spending a round at P2 in Puerto Cabello. However, the points acquired in South America (visible below) do not allow the Lyonnaise to move up the rankings. Léa Godallier, who became a mother in February, still retains points this week to maintain itself.

Alix Collombon fip points April 2024

Carla Touly is almost there

Alongside Margarida Fernandes, Carla Touly managed to enter the second round of P2 in Puerto Cabello at the expense of Élodie Invernon. This sensational arrival on the circuit Premier Padel allows the player residing in Barcelona to position herself at the gates of the world Top 100, at 32 small points. An achievable goal for Touly in the coming weeks.

Carla Touly fip points April 2024

Invernon double Ginier

Thanks to his lucky star in Puerto Cabello, Elodie Invernon was able to come out of the previas and enter the final table. Despite a defeat in the first round against Carla Touly, the Frenchwoman still collected points (see below) to grab a few places, enough to pass her compatriot, Jessica Ginier, absent in South America.

Elodie Invernon fip points April 2024

Here is the evolution of the ranking of French women this week:

French rankings April 2024
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