Last week, while Carolina Navarro was in Mexico to play the WPT Mexico Open, the player's father fell heavily while leaving a parking lot in Malaga.

While his other daughter and his wife, who were with him at the time, were unsure of what to do when they saw his face covered in blood, the man was able to benefit from the help of a number of people who are came to lend a hand. Among them, a doctor but also parking attendants and passers-by, who reacted very quickly and allowed Carolina's father to benefit from rapid assistance.

Her progenitor now out of danger, the player wants to know the identity of all these people who helped in order to thank them in person. To try to find these good Samaritans, she published a message on her Instagram account.

Her father fully recovered, Carolina Navarro will be able to prepare for next season, she who recently confirmed to continue her playing career.

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