Interview with Pierre Lamouré, the supervisor of the International Club Cup Padel (CICP). He returns to this 2023 edition.

108 matches played at Inacua

“The 2023 edition of the International Club Cup Padel ended Sunday October 08 with the victory of Padel Academy Solano which succeeds Toulouse Padel Club. No less than 108 matches were played under the Andalusian sun.

The proposed sporting formula (group stage and final draw) allowed all teams made up of four men and two women to play the same number of matches, that is to say 5 in 3 days.

intercontinental cut of padel 2023

As an organizer, I am always delighted to welcome clubs from such different backgrounds: from Senegal to Denmark, from France to Moldova. 16 teams from 8 countries from 2 continents met in the Inacua Racket Center club in Málaga. Each year, the overall level of players continues to increase, a sign of the dynamism of the padel in clubs.”

A tournament open to all

“As co-president of the European Association of Football Clubs Padel (AECP) which created this event, I would like to recall the objective of this competition: to offer a tournament open to all levels and allowing everyone to play the same number of matches.

It is also the opportunity given to participants to discuss club life, training, technical aspects and future prospects... Dear readers of Padel Magazine, if the idea of ​​having good sporting moments playing padel in Andalusia and discover Málaga, its gastronomy and its history tempt you, so do not hesitate to contact the AECP contact @ for the 2024 edition.

See you next year! Vamooooos!”

The final ranking

In 1: Padel Academy Solano

2: Analistas Padel

3: Shark Team 

4: CAFC OK Mobility

5: Atlantic Club 1

6: Atlantic Club 2

In 7: Padelmania Padel Palace

8: Inacua Racket Center

In 9: Padel Center Timisoara

10: Udvalg Kabenhavn

11: CAFC Padel

12: Gaynde Padel Senegal

13: Barbarians

14: Ginga

15: SPC Academia Padel

16: Moldovan Federation

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