Before starting this return to the Premier Padel Madrid P1, I wanted to dedicate this article to Marina Ponzio (the PONZ for her friends) who left us suddenly at the age of 32. A hell of a player with a hell of a character and always smiling! A thought to her husband, her daughter, her family and all her loved ones.

Hala Madrid! Even if the padel becomes a worldwide madness, Madrid remains Madrid!

The Madrid Arena was full during this Premier Padel and the spectators did well to move! We felt that everything was possible during this week and we were not disappointed, whatever… Once again, many things happened during this tournament: the worst as well as the best!

As usual, the “Coach Zorrus” offers us his analysis of the tournament.

Tournament points

This week it's the girls... and the boys who are in the spotlight!

On the women's side, we remember this “puntazo” of 1min25 at 6/5 in the first set in the final!

Among the gentlemen, it's this crazy point at 6/5 40/15 in the third set between Coello / Tapia and Sanchez / Capra: crazy!


  1. Juan Lebron / Ale Galan: how difficult the return is for El Lobo with this elimination in the round of 1!
  2. The Bela/Yanguas pair also eliminated in the round of 1 : it lacks consistency for the Maestro's team!
  3. Tello and Ruiz who do not really get the expected results at the start of the season.
  4. Our “Frenchies” that we would like to see more often integrate these tables. It's very hard but we're behind you. Let's go!


  1. Sanz and Nieto who beat the Tello/Ruiz pair before doing 3 sets against Coello/Tapia: what a performance!
  2. Capra and Sanchez who play, finally, at their true level. But for how long ?
  3. Chingotto and Paquito: after a complicated start to the season, 3rd final and a rediscovered Paquito. The Gaby Reca effect?

The finals movie

Among the ladies, we expected the Decima for Ari Sanchez / Paula Josemaria but it was without counting on the mentality of their opponents of the day! We witnessed a dream match: 3h30 of play, a tie-break final of the third set... And after having saved 4 match points, it is finally the pair Béa Gonzalez / Delfi Brea who wins this Premier Padel Madrid P1. Spectators at the Madrid Arena were able to enjoy THE FINAL of this first half of the 2023 season! Thank you ladies for the show and don't change a thing, it's a treat!

Among the men, after a failed semi-final by Agustin Tapia, it was Arturo Coello who missed out on this final, notably marked by the Chingotto injury (because of billboards, like fellow countryman Stupaczuk two days earlier). But despite a certain inconstancy of the favorites and great opportunities for the Paquito / Chingotto pair, the current masters of the padel worldwide remained the bosses in Madrid.

This week heading to Malaga, for the WPT Open 1000!

Laurent Imbert

Laurent Imbert, alias Coach Zorrus, is a true French legend of the Padel. From its beginnings in the 90s, it has known everything about the evolution of Padel in France and around the world! A true connoisseur, known and recognized by his peers in France and abroad, he will share his expertise with us at each stage of Premier Padel !