This is already an important moment to the Hexagon Cup at the Madrid Arena with the clash between the pairs Coello / Nieto (Bella) and Tapia / Sanz (RL9).

You have understood, the match within the match is a bit like the battle of the titans, with world number 1 Arturo Coello on one side, and his partner Agustin Tapia on the other. It will also be interesting to see how Nieto and Sanz, the other two protagonists of this fight, who are also usually teammates, react.

To make matters worse, yesterday Sanz and Tapia lost to Juan Martin and Paquito, and therefore no longer really have the right to make mistakes this afternoon!

So who will win this clash? The answer right away, and just below!

Just before this meeting, Paula Josemaria and Alejandra Alonso won their second consecutive match. The Eleven Eleven players dominated Ari Sanchez and Claudia Jensen (RL9).

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