If you followed the first P2000 of 2024, which took place at UrbanPadel from Nantes-Carquefou, you are probably wondering what the tournament won for the players financially.

The P2000, the most important tournaments on the French circuit, and therefore the best funded, offer a total prize money of 10€, i.e. 400€ for the women's table and 5€ for the men's table. We note in passing that the French Tennis Federation is playing the card of parity thoroughly.

But to hope to receive a share of the loot, you must at least reach the quarter-finals. Here is how the distribution is done:

  • €2 for the winning pair, or €000/player
  • €1 for the finalist pair, or €200/player
  • €700 for the 3rd pair, i.e. €350/player
  • €500 for the 4rd pair, i.e. €250/player
  • €200 for each quarter-finalist pair, i.e. €100/player

And if you're wondering how much these tournaments can bring in terms of points in the French rankings, it's just below:

P2000 scale

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