Le padel has more and more followers and more and more tracks in France. However, it is not always easy to find a free ground to play. It is even sometimes complicated to know where the tennis courts are. padel close to home. So in this article, we give you the best plans to play padel easily.

Anybuddy, the application for booking land online

Today there are more than 1200 tracks of padel accessible in France. In 2019, there were only 800, and less than 200 in 2015. But despite this already dazzling growth, we would all like as practitioners of this sport to have more grounds.

Still, we must for the moment take our troubles patiently and take advantage of the infrastructure that has already been built. And to do this, there is a platform to know: Anybuddy

On their website or on their mobile application, available free of charge on iOS et Android, you can book a track online in 3 clicks in many clubs around you.

Nearly a hundred clubs of padel and other racket sports are therefore present on the application, and hundreds of pitches padel are therefore bookable online. 

Registration is free, without obligation, and the rates on the application are the same as those offered directly by the clubs. So finished wasted time calling different clubs on the phone, falling on answering machines, and never having a clear vision of the slots available. 

Be active in the community padel

If you haven't yet managed to convince your friends and family to get padelFirst, don't lose hope. And otherwise, take advantage of the internet and new platforms to exchange with other enthusiasts of padel.

Today, for example, there are many active Facebook groups aimed at padel, where you can chat with other players. Examples include regional groups Padel North Matchmaking et Padel IDF, or the national group Tournaments Padel French – Search for a partner.

There are also topics Reddit and specialized forums. Players frequently share their tips and tricks for playing there.

Don't hesitate to take the lead by asking which are the best courses near you or which clubs offer the cheapest prices. You will also be able to learn in preview if there are tracks under construction near you, to be among the first to play on them.

Finally, this will allow you to find new game partners, so you can hit the ball even when all your friends are failing you. 

Follow the news of padel, and tennis!

Each week, new fields of padel come out of the ground, whether in private structures like 4Padel, or in associative clubs. Indeed, faced with the success of this sport, many tennis clubs are turning the corner, and this is to be welcomed.

Whether by replacing an existing tennis court with one or more padel, or by building land on a previously unoccupied space, more and more tennis clubs already offer or will soon offer padel.

Moreover, even Roland-Garros will soon have its own tennis courts. padel and its own tournament: the Paris Premier Padel Major (with an ephemeral track on the Philippe Chatrier court!). Obviously, the links forged between the world of tennis and the world of padel therefore begin to be solid and are not ready to stop growing.

So the advice we can give you is to follow the news of tennis clubs around you. You can often do this through their Facebook page, on their page, on the FFT website, on Padel Magazine of course, or even on the social networks of municipalities (which often own the infrastructure).

So you'll be among the first to know when a new court is available to play near you. And if the tracks of a tennis club are already referenced on the platform Anybuddy which we have just told you about, the new lands of padel will be as well.

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