Following Casa's victory Padel au French Interclub Championship padel 2024, Cyril Hanouna enthusiastically shares the highlights of the competition, the key performances of his teammates, and gives an overview of future plans for the Parisian team.

Return to the match Zapata / Semmler vs Auradou / Hugounenq (Palavas)

“Frankly, we were aware of the solidity of our team, but we also knew that we would be facing formidable opponents. Yann had cramps in the third set, and despite this, they delivered an incredible performance. This match was truly breathtaking.”


Laurent Montoisy and Javi Clar

“I want to highlight Laurent and Javi, who have often remained in the shadows despite their exceptional performances. They haven't lost a single game since they've been playing together, which is just incredible. Javi is remarkably discreet in life, a true love of people, while Laurent is the mascot of our team. Their contribution was important.”

Teo's arrival

“I kept pestering him, I said “you have to be with me all the time”. His decision to come to Casa Padel was certainly influenced by Benjamin Tison's save, which worked in our favor. Teo and I, even if sometimes we don't understand each other, we share an undeniable complicity and friendship. He’s become a great friend, and together we never stop laughing.”

The future of the team

“For next year it looks like our team will remain unchanged. However, I may have a recruit in mind, a friend who could join us.

I brought Derek back into the team: we are a group of friends with Derek, Arthur, Lionel Moine, Bastien… We are inseparable. Recently we went to Marbella to play padel eight hours a day. The important thing for us is to keep the players who are in place and to continue to have fun together.

I can't finish without talking about Mario Huete. Some people find him lackadaisical on the field, but believe me, Mario is an excellent player and a lovely person. His presence in the team is precious, and he brings a lot both on a human and sporting level.”

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