DAPADEL - Training instructors / Managers in the padel

Dapadel is an organization specialized in the training of instructors / coaches / managers in the sector of padel.

They offer high quality training at the Greenvilas Club of Madrid, as everywhere in Europe. They do it all over the world.

DAPADEL is the training specialist padel and she shares her skills around the world.

DAPADEL offers a 3 to 4 day program with tailor-made training. Objective of these trainings: To allow you to have all the tools to assimilate the basics of padel.

We offer different English to allow trainees to obtain professional training.

To date, we have realized more than 180 training from 2012. + 1200 trainees who already benefited from our training with renowned teachers: German Jerez, Godo Diaz, Dani Herrera.

Information and registration:

  • Contact: Iñaki Loredo / German Jerez
  • info @ dapadel.com
  • +44 7821 629395
  • https://www.instagram.com/dapadelacademy/
  • https://es-la.facebook.com/dapadel/