Would you dare to challenge Spanish players on their favorite playground? Why Barcelona turns out to be a winter enthusiast’s paradise padel ! Why the padel is it played differently in Spain? What questions ...

First of all, you asked yourself the question: why does Barcelona attract so many tourists in winter? Should we recall the mildness of its Mediterranean climate so appreciated by everyone, especially for northern Europeans stuck at the foot of their chimney? Of course, the weather gets cooler in winter, forcing us to add tracksuit bottoms and a “down jacket” at dawn or to end the day comfortably. But the rest of the time, between 10 a.m. and 16 p.m. in particular, what a joy to be able to easily play in shorts under a big blue sky!

In the absence of taking a dip at sea, although for the more daring, the heated swimming pools with massage jets, hammam, sauna, also activate the recovery of the busy days of international players who have come for training at OSS.

It must be said that matches against Spanish players can be intense! The most knowledgeable among you will have heard that the padel in Spain does not play out quite the same way as in neighboring countries. There is no need to remind tennis players of the well-known Spanish rallies on clay with the sole objective of moving the opponent from right to left for hours, until they see the mistake happen. This strategy is still relevant today and at all levels of play!

Could this observation be at the origin of the craze for padel in Spain ? It is in any case observable that this dynamic is proving its worth. “Make sure to put the ball in the court rather than looking for the winning shot”; “reduce the speed of play to give yourself more time to observe your opponents”; “prioritize the precision of the playing areas over speed”, notions which may seem basic in theory, but more difficult to master than we imagine!

How many players join our courses in Barcelona, ​​indicating on their registration form as their main objective: “Perfect my x3, x4, my smash in the grid”. Few of them tell us, for example, that they would like to be more regular and precise in their bandeja/vibora. Nothing surprising, because if we think about the question: Is it more deserving to finish the point or to see your opponents make a mistake? The answer towards the second option would be common, right? Would our minds not ultimately be disturbed by this vision of padel high level to make a reasonable decision adapted to his level of play when playing the ball?

Juggling between the pleasure of achieving these exceptional shots that are so popular and the need to be relevant and effective to achieve the goal of our sport, which is to emerge from the match victorious! A fair balance is not always easy to find! Although let's not forget, the padel remains a game and the real priority is to have had a good time on the court! On this, the Spaniards are not wrong, addicted to padel yes, but also festive tapas evenings which fuel their joie de vivre!

You have some arrangements in the coming weeks, save yourself from the winter cold, meet our teams of Spanish coaches and French-speaking specialists, and taste this very special atmosphere! You will leave with concepts padelistics complementary and you will certainly have seen unforgettable sunsets over the sea! !



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