Padel Magazine - The weekend of 29 and 30 March was held the first leg of the season in the southern region of the National League Padel Mas Club in Perpignan.

32 players participated in the competition, 4 hens each consisting of 4 teams.

From the first games, the competition was going to be tough. From the first group match, the legendary Carcassonnais, François San Miguel and André Gaubert were already showing off, not with a bottle in hand, but padel racquets well honed.

They found themselves in trouble in the first game by losing the 1er set dryly. But we do not get rid of players from the club of Hers so easily. They will finally come out of this winning match. More than a match, it was a message addressed to all the other pairs of the tournament.

Very quickly the regulars of the tournaments find the reflexes, one remakes of course the matches around a coinche and a beer.

The logic on the grounds will still be respected.

The 2 favorites of each group will be able to qualify in the quarter-finals. Fred Tap and Alain Henry decide to play quarterbacks on Saturday for fear of rain on Sunday.

So it's 4 games in the day ... For some, we start to be in the red. Jean-Marc Dalain (Tennis Club Marseille Padel) will fight to stay in the nails. He will then be able to use the tireless Clément Forget to " send it to coal ". He will return crimson of his tournament.

Again, and despite this very sporty Saturday, the quarterfinals will offer a show. But the logic will be respected again. Bastien Blanqué and Laurent Imbert overcome the famous pair of the club Mas to know Fred Tap and Laurent Talairaich in 2 sets hung.

Alain Henry and Pascal Gniss will end the adventure of the carcassonnais while the number 1 of the tournament (Alexis Salles and Cédric Carité) will win his match against Loic Tap and Laurent Imbert.

The 4th quarter will remain in the memories of the 4 protagonists since the match began at 19h and ended at ... 22h!

More than 3 hours of match, an 3e set of anthology that will last more than 1h30 ... This match will end with a tie-break and a magnificent victory of Jean Marc Dalain and Clement Forget (Padel Park Marseille) ... The cocktail of 21h had started without them, but the two pairs quickly caught up ...

The next day, one pair had disappeared while the other was present, but no more ... The Marseillaise team was cooked despite a sun to absent subscribers. Just to see the pictures that we offer on the facebook page.

Sunday morning is the hour of the semifinals and inevitably nobody by the hour ... Except Pascal Gniss already ready to fight .... Alas it will not be enough for the local pair, beaten by the licensees of the club of Hers.

At the same time the pair of Paddle more will walk in the semifinals, to beat the "zombies" namely the famous pair Clément and Jean-Marc Marseille, certainly still drunk (for joy but not that ...).

In the final, Cédric Carité - Alexis Salles and Bastien Blanqué - Laurent Imbert will fight a big fight. All the padel shots will pass, exit the field, smash through the door, amortized "chewing gum", the spectators have had for their eyes.

But it is finally Alexis and Cedric who will emerge victorious from this match, in 2 sets 6-4 7-5.

The pair of Mas consisting of Carlos Arnau and Olivier Soler will gain comfort.

To note an organization and a reception, once again idyllic. Club de Mas shows once again that it has become an essential club of the French padel.

Team Padel Magazine

The first 4 of the tournament (For all the results rdv on our facebook page):
- Winner : Cédric Carité  et Alexis Salle (Club of the Hers)
- Finalist: Bastien Blanqué (Paddle Plus) et  Laurent Imbert (Club of the Hers)
- 3th : Alain Henry et Pascal Gniss (Mas Club)
- 4emes: Clément Forget (Padel Park Marseille) et Jean-Marc DALAIN (TC Marseille Padel)
Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.