While Milano is currently being played Premier Padel P1, last tournament before the WPT Master Final, we hear more and more rumors about next season.

Already pairs validated for 2024?

Indeed, as we know, at this time of year, players are exploring their options for the next year, and some have even already made their decision.

It seems that this is the case of Sanyo Gutiérrez and Paquito Navarro, who have decided to reform an association which had worked well seven years ago. It's hard to imagine the two men experiencing the same success as during their first stage together, but that's not the topic of the day...

As the confirmed Fede Chingotto, this is the end of his association with Paquito. Given that it is difficult to see Navarro leaving “Super Raton” for a 39-year-old Sanyo, we say to ourselves that it was at the level of the Argentinian that the decision was made…

Paquito Sanyo pareja 2024

It continues for Coello / Tapia and Stupaczuk / Di Nenno

But while he had a very interesting season with Paquito, why did Chingotto want to part ways with the Andalusian? Or rather for whom? Firstly, it is neither for Agustin Tapia nor for Franco Stupaczuk. Indeed, the Coello / Tapia and Stupa / Di Nenno pairs, after dominating the season, logically decided to continue in 2024.

Who to play with Chingotto?

So, the Ale Galan track, which comes up almost everywhere, seems the most logical. Indeed, even today, how many players are really superior to Navarro on the left diagonal? And since Fede and Paco seem to get along very well off the pitch – including wild music parts – the reason is essentially sporting. Galan, in his prime, clearly seems the best possible option for Chingotto. Moreover, the native of Olivarria had a little difficulty responding at a press conference when the name of the Madrilenian was mentioned…

The end of Lebron / Galan?

In this game of musical chairs, we understand that this is perhaps the end between Lebron and Galan. After having experienced a very difficult season, and extinguishing rumors of separation, have the Spaniards finally decided to take the plunge?

Sportingly, this choice would not really be understood: the two men dominated the padel world for three years, and at the end of the year they showed that when they are at their best they are very difficult to beat. Even if we can say that the Di Nenno / Stupa and Coello / Tapia pairs were a little blunted during the last tournaments, the former number 1s seem to have gained psychological ascendancy over their biggest rivals, which is interesting for 2024...

Lebron Galan smiles victory Malmo 2023

But after spending four years together, the two friends certainly need a change. We also say to ourselves that Galan may have chosen not to take any risks and to start the year with a 100% player, since as we know, Lebron does not yet know where his forearm will be in a few month, and the operation box cannot be ruled out.

Lebron with Tello?

So, if we assume that Galan and Chingotto will play together next season, we now wonder who will share the track with Lebron. As Alex Ruiz said, any decision for the leading pairs depends on what “Galantico” and “El Lobo” are going to do. If the separation is confirmed, then Ruiz and Tello will perhaps also stop their collaboration.

If Tello has had a difficult season with an apparent lack of confidence, “El Gato” remains a player with enormous potential, and this is perhaps partly what attracts the native of Cádiz to the Argentine. Imagine the offensive power these two men will unleash if they manage to be 100% together! Finally, Tello is quiet, and as Juan is a rather exuberant player, he perhaps thinks that he will be able to fully assume leadership of his pair.

Big changes behind?

If the current rumors are confirmed, we will therefore have pairs Coello / Tapia, Di Nenno / Stupa, Galan / Chingotto, Lebron / Tello and Navarro / Sanyo to start 2024. Behind these players, we already know that Bela and Yanguas will not not continue. Obviously, the young talent, like Tapia and Coello before him, would want to stand on his own two feet and join forces with a more decisive and younger player. Several options are available to him in the Top 25, such as Momo Gonzalez, Javi Garrido, Coki Nieto, or even Alex Arroyo with whom he formed a very interesting pair at the start of the season.

Orphan of Yanguas, Belasteguin would have set his sights on Lucho Capra, who would close his third and certainly last stage with Maxi Sanchez. Talented left-hander, the native of Quilmes could bring all his quality, particularly on high balls, to the 44-year-old player.

Bela Capra new pair 2024

Nothing official at the moment, but all these leads seem to have some basis. In your opinion, who will be the new pairs in the world Top 16?

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