They are finally here! New – and renewal – at Bullpadel, with the arrival of the Vertex 04 and the new Hack, Flow, and Elite models, as well as the all-new Neuron. Here's a quick overview!

Vertex 04 24

Let’s start with the Vertex range first!

Official racquet of Juan Tello this season, the Bullpadel Vertex 04 24 promises maximum power in the strike. It is therefore ideal for smashers and attackers.

We find, in this Vertex 04, the technologies that we know so well from Bullpadel like the moss Multi Eva, which promises optimal sensations, whether in attack or defense. Canals Nerve optimizing maneuverability are also included.

More rigid than its predecessor, the 2024 version uses the system CURVAKTIV, which improves the strength of the frame, but also Air Power, worthy successor of Air Channel Vertex 03.

With the Vertex 04 24, it's easy to change the weight of your racket with the weight plates Customweight. It also benefits from grip Hesacore.

Vertex 04 Hybrid 24

La Vertex 04 Hybrid is a more manageable version of the Vertex 04. Succeeding the Vertex 03 CTR, it is a little more offensive than the latter thanks to its teardrop shape. It is recommended for those who like the sensations of the Vertex but want to play a little more strategically. It benefits from the same technologies as the Vertex 04, but as you will have understood, it will be easier to use but will still not lack bite when finishing a stitch.

Vertex 04 CMF 24

She's a bit of the Vertex star at the moment: the Vertex 04 Comfort 24. Signature racket of Martin Di Nenno, it was presented this week during the WPT Amsterdam Open as official pala of the tournament. Its surface still has the technology Fibrix, a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Something to delight attacking players looking for a velvet touch.

Vertex 04W 24

And to close, the famous Vertex designed for ladies.

Very similar to the Vertex 04 CMF 24, it is equipped with the same technology Fibrix and foam Multi Eva. Still diamond-shaped, it is lighter, offering more maneuverability. This pala is the new weapon of Delfina Brea and Sofia Araujo. Like its big sisters, it has the right to all the new technologies developed by the brand, greatly improving the sensations that we have been able to experience until now.

Note that just like the Vertex 04 CMF 24, this racket does not include the grip Hesacore series.

Now it's time to introduce you to the brand new Hack 03.

hack 03 24

This is Paquito Navatto's new pala. The Andalusian player presented it a few days ago on social networks, revealing the new design of its hack 03 24 for the coming season.

It seems that the Spanish brand was inspired by the technologies present on the Hack 03 23, taking what worked well for the pala this year. In addition to its outer core of tricarbon and its internal rubber core Multi Eva, it is also equipped with a frame CarbonTube 100% carbon fiber.

In addition, we find the system Vibradrive for vibration absorption, Hack heart and Nerve channels on the sides of the racket frame and the grip Hesacore. This year again, technology adaptia, developed for the pro range, is there.

In short, this Hack 03 24 should delight those who appreciated the Hack 03 23.

Hack 03 Hybrid 24

La Hack 03 Hybrid 24 is the little sister of Paquito Navarro's pala. As its name suggests, it will allow more control over the ball. Designed in a very sober design, it keeps the orange and black color code of the classic version.

The notable difference that we can observe with the Hack 03 24 concerns the shape, this being, as its name suggests, hybrid. We are therefore dealing with a slightly less offensive model, but apart from that we are on the same touch, with the technologies Air React ChanneltricarbonMulti Eva or even CarbonTube which are still very present.

Hack 03 CMF 24

To finish the Hack 03 catalog for the 2024 season, we find the Hack 03 CMF 24. If it retains the diamond shape of Paquito Navarro's Hack 03, it stands out in terms of the composition of its outer core. Like the Vertex 04 CMF or the Vertex 04 W, it is equipped with technology Fibrix, offering optimal comfort to those who want a little more ball release. The Hack 03 CMF nevertheless remains a powerful racket, but a little more focused on flexibility.

Apart from this, we generally find all the other technologies mentioned above: Metashieldhack or nervous. Note however that it does not have the grip Hesacore, or the system adaptia.

Neurons 24

After the palas used by Juan Tello, Martin Di Nenno, Delfi Brea, Sofia Araujo and Paquito Navarro, it is the turn of the brand new signature racket of Fede Chingotto to be scrutinized. In a sober design, the Neuron 24, hybrid shape, promises better ball acceleration.

This pala integrates two new concepts into the framework: the Neuron heart, which gives stability to avoid twisting, as well as the lateral profile Wave which consists of a frame with a wave-shaped structure. This helps, among other things, to dissipate vibrations and reduce the bending of the racket upon impact with the ball.

Then, we find well-known technologies of the brand, such as the outer core composed of carbon Xtend Carbon 3K, for a little more flexibility than on the Vertex for example, and the rubber Multi Eva for the inner core. The framework CarbonTube 100% carbon fiber is also present. Note that this model is equipped with the system Vibradrive, for vibration absorption, as well as grip Hesacore, also limiting injuries and improving grip.

Flow W 24

Alejandra Salazar's iconic racket, the Bullpadel Flow W will also make a comeback. Pala light and diamond-shaped, it was designed for players with an offensive profile.

It integrates the heart Flow Force, its outer core is composed of Fibrix hybrid fiber and a rough 3D grain finish to give more effect to your balls. Its internal core is composed of foam Multi Eva, composed of two different densities of EVA. It also has a frame CarbonTube 100% carbon fiber as well as the system Vibradrive.

Elite W 24

To finish our overview of the new range of palas Bullpadel, let's discover it Elite W 24, racket which will be used by the current world number three: Gemma Triay. In hybrid form, the Elite W offers a good compromise between power and control, while remaining light.

The somewhat atypical shape of this racket promises a lot of power to those with good arm speed when smashing, as is obviously the case for its owner Gemma Triay. Its average balance will also allow you to maintain maximum control over the ball, particularly during defensive phases. It has a double-sided design with the most beautiful effect, and has the system Air React Channel, technology Vibradrive and 3k carbon on the faces, for a slightly more rigid feel than the brand's other rackets intended for women.

Do not hesitate to visit the website of Bullpadel to appreciate in more detail all the new features of the 2024 range!

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