Varlion offers a summer camp under the leadership of Maxi Castellote, for all those who would like to train as professional players. Embark on Duet Sports, the club located in Las Rozas in the Madrid region, and discover the Varlion Academy!

Launched in 2019, this academy works on the training of instructors, the preparation of professional players (high performance center), the training, management and strategic planning of the Pro Team and Pro Team Junior Varlion.

New this year is the reopening of the Summer Campus, open to adults and juniors from all over the world who want to train like professionals. In summary, it is a theoretical and practical training that allows players to make the most of their qualities.

The training system uses the PAM methodology (Padel Al Maximo) and is based on the padel modern, focusing on the following areas:

  • Technique: movements, basic, specific and finishing moves
  • Tactics: strategies and game analysis
  • Physical preparation: general and targeted padel
  • Sports training: suitable for padel in competition

All supported by the Varlion Academy team, which is made up of 8 specialists, professionals recognized for their commitment to this discipline.

If you want to know more about Varlion Campus Academy 2022, go to the brand's website.

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