Doinsport is an innovative platform that allows players to book a pitch in a partner center at the best price but also to find partners to complete matches.

As you can see, Doinsport is aimed at both players and sports centers.

Doinsport was born from a simple observation:

It is more and more difficult to practice sport when it is "collective". The difficulty arises from the simple fact of building a team and managing to organize a game in record time.

Sports centers too often see their empty slots because teams can not fully train themselves. So, we have to deal with players who abandon the sport and centers that do not fill their fields.

For Nicolas Cassignol and Rémi Chevalier, great sports enthusiasts, it was obvious that a solution had to be created. This is how Doinsport (which literally means "to play sports" in English) was born.

An innovative application for players

The Doinsport app offers an innovative user experience for all players of padel. So follow the guide!

  • Find a sports center at the best price: when you download the application, you fill in a number of fields so that the algorithm can identify your needs (sports practiced, city, borough, availability)

The interface will then give you access to all the padel near you, with their available land, and the prices charged.

  • Reserve a field easily: do you want to play ? Search the search engine for a club that interests you, or just enter the city and select the place of your choice. All you have to do is select a time and reserve a court.
  • Organize your matches: no more need to call all his repertoire. Just sign in to the app and invite friends to join the game. Everything is done directly on the application. Each time a player registers or unsubscribes, you will receive a notification.
  • Find players : you are missing one or more player (s), do not panic! Thanks to our application, you will be able to launch a search for players by filling out a form, once the players have been found, you will be able to start a chat in order to exchange with new players.
  • Join a party : are you arriving in a new city? Want to play, but can't find anyone? Doinsport allows you to join a game with just one click! Doinsport sends notifications based on your preferences and offers you matches where players are missing. It's up to you whether you want to play or not. You always have the option to chat with the organizer.
  • Become a Doinsporter : whether you are a king of the round ball, a tennis fan, or even a Padel. Doinsport has a real community of players present everywhere in France and ready to play at any time.

                       A management tool for sports centers

Doinsport is a tool for users looking for ease in organizing their match, but not only. Doinsport is a Software as a Service (SAAS) software that can digitize the activity of sports centers and outsource the sales force in order to attract new customers at reduced cost.

The management tool put in place will allow you to drive:

  • Your schedule: visualization of the planning of the grounds at a glance, easy addition of the reservations and management of the availabilities of the grounds.
  • Your customers: the customer is the central element of your business. Via the platform, you can add and manage your customers.
  • Your subscribers : You can efficiently manage your subscribers and establish your subscriptions and additions of members. You will be able to define by the field slots reserved only for your members.
  • retain : thanks to our various tools you will be able to retain your customers via sms campaigns, e-mailing campaigns, and the sending of push notifications.
  • Payment : for each slot, you will be able to easily manage the payments received by the players. No more leaves and pens.

Doinsport is committed to creating matches in the partner centers and giving them visibility. This tool will facilitate the management and organization of all your matches, but also your tournaments.

You will understand Doinsport will revolutionize the world of sport ....