When for his Cupra Padel-Point Tour by Palavas, Mélissa Martin interviewed Élodie Invernon, 10th player in the rankings padel French.

Chance of the draw of FIP Star Perugia, the two players will face each other this Wednesday in the first round of the Italian tournament, but they did not know it at the time of the interview!

Élodie, who now lives in Spain, explains the reasons which led her to make important changes recently.

Change of coach…

“When I arrived in Barcelona, ​​I started with Xavi Figols but I changed two months ago because I was looking for another approach to padel. Now I’m training with Mariano Llanos, it’s going really well, I’m super happy.”

…change of partner

“With Wendy we had a common project, we trained together every day with Xavi. As we have the same project, we said to ourselves that we were going to do the year together, but the fact that I changed partners somewhat disrupted this daily conversation that we both had, and we is said that it might be good to separate to progress separately.

We felt that things were no longer happening on the pitch, that we were no longer having much fun. As we are very good friends, we didn't dare say things to each other too much, but in the end, we decided to separate. We are not against the idea of ​​doing tournaments together again sometimes, but we wanted to remove this daily pressure of always being together. We said to ourselves that we were going to stop playing together at the international level to see another vision of padel Also."

Continue to Barcelona in 2024

“I want to continue in Barcelona, ​​things are going really well, Spanish life is incredible. To be able to play on the international circuit all year round is a real opportunity, it’s not always easy but we fight.”

“I still have a lot of things to put in place with my new coach, I am also thinking about the rest of the team to also see mentally and physically how I want to evolve, and after trying to find a somewhat fixed partner, continue to participate in tournaments, and most importantly: continue to have fun!”

The Cupra Padel-Point Tour : always a pleasure !

“It’s always a pleasure to be present on the Cupra Padel-Point Tour. I had already been invited to Bandol and it was great, but here, in Palavas, it’s home, so I couldn’t refuse!”

Find the interview in its entirety just below:

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