At the heart of every passion is a story of discovery, challenge and innovation. For Hugo Dusserre, this passion revolved around padel, a sport which is gaining ground but which severely lacking in personalized attention.

This is how a young student spotted a “hole in the racket” and launched Courtly, an initiative to transform the player experience of padel.

Unbox. Find out. Perform.

Courtly is not just a box; it is an open window on the culture of padel. Each bi-monthly box is a promise of rediscovery and improvement of the game. Inside, you find everything a player could need: clothing designed for movement and comfort, accessories that accentuate technique, nutritional products adapted to the physical demands of the player. padel, as well as recovery products, for after exercise.

More than just a box, each shipment is accompanied video tutorials which adapt to the level of the player, thus enriching their experience and understanding of the sport.

Box Courtly

Strategic partnerships

Courtly's initiative does not stop at the composition of the box. Behind the scenes, strategic partnerships with leading brands in the padel will ensure the strategy “Customer first” by Courtly.

The goal is to ensure that each selected product meets the expectations of music enthusiasts. padel. “By collaborating with leaders in padel, Courtly guarantees to precisely meet the expectations of enthusiasts, by combining quality and innovation.”, assures Hugo Dusserre, Founder of Courtly.

Crowdfunding campaign

To bring Courtly to life, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on Ulule. This approach is an invitation to be part of a revolution in the world of padel.

Campaign participants are treated not only as contributors but as co-creators of this adventure : this is why he benefits from exclusive compensation by supporting the project.

Courtly is not just a box; it's a movement initiated by an enthusiast for enthusiasts. It's an opportunity to redefine your game, to discover products that reflect your love for padel and to participate in a story that is only just beginning.

Join the initiative and let Courtly guide you step by step on an adventure where every match brings you closer to the perfect smash.